Mach1GTO Mount Upgrades and Spare Parts

Astro-Physics has been producing 1200 mounts since 1992 and 900 mounts since 1994. Over those years we have learned many lessons and refined the art of mount design and production to the highest level in the industry. In 2006, the Mach1GTO was designed and built with the benefit of those years of experience. Since our design and production staff includes experienced CCD imagers, we are continually pushing all our mounts to the limits of performance. Equally important, our customers continue to offer valuable feedback and suggestions as they have throughout the years.

We are pleased to offer the following upgrades and spare parts so that you can obtain maximum performance and versatility from the Mach1GTO mount that you own. If you require a spare part not listed below, please do not hesitate to call.

Precision-Adjust Rotating Pier Base / Hi-Res Azimuth Adjuster Upgrade Kit (M1RAUP)

The Mach1GTO Precision-Adjust Rotating Pier Base / Hi-Res Azimuth Adjuster is standard on new mounts starting in 2011. In addition, it is being offered as a significant upgrade to previously shipped mounts (serial # 10463 or lower). This new assembly easily replaces the existing pier base by simple attachment with four ¼-20 socket head cap screws.
There is no need for lockdown knobs as with earlier mounts. Instead, the CNC-machined two-part base fluidly rotates through a 13 degree range (+/- 6.5 degrees) while maintaining rigidity. Additionally, redesigning and shifting the azimuth adjuster knobs to the rear of the R.A. axis, provides easier access and nearly doubles the precision of their adjustments. An etched line on the adjuster housing corresponds with the ridges of the knobs to provide a measured adjustment of 0.7021 degrees per rotation or 0.05 degrees per ridge.

Shown to the right is a detail of the new azimuth adjuster component. Its location at the back of the mount provides smooth and accurate adjustments that are easily accessible.

Shown to the left are the new, larger compass and level. The original lock-down knobs are no longer necessary and have been removed, allowing these items to be enlarged and repositioned for greater visibility and ease of use.

The kit also includes two caps that have been beautifully engraved with an AP logo, These caps will attractively fill the holes left when removing the original azimuth adjuster knobs (no longer needed) when installing the upgrade kit.

The new Machined Knob Kit (M1485KBKIT) with its three attractive CNC machined knobs is available separately. It will complete your Mach1GTO upgrade.

The upgrade kit includes: the Precision-Adjust Rotating Pier Base / Hi-Res Azimuth Adjuster and two (2) AP Logo Caps.

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1/4-20 Machined Knob Kit, set of 3 (M1485KBKIT)

These "way-cool" knobs with sure-grip profile and elegantly tapered shank are CNC machined of aluminum, black-anodized and assembled with a 1/4-20 stainless socket head cap screw. They were designed to replace the plastic knobs used in the past for our Mach1GTO, 400, 600 and 600E mounts as well as past and current accessories.

Substitute for original knobs in these applications:

The diameter of the knob is 1.25", length of the machined portion is 1" and thread length is 0.85"

The kit includes three knobs with compatible washers (stainless steel flat washer; 9/32" I.D., 5/8" O.D., 0.050" thickness) so that the fine finish of your mount and pier are not marred.

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Right-Angle Polar Alignment Scope Adapter for Mach1GTO (RAPM1)

This adapter replaces the polar axis rear plate on the Mach1GTO, allowing use of our Right-Angle Polar Alignment Scope (RAPAS). The RAPAS can be used with all Mach1GTO mounts. This adapter is push/pull adjustable for precise alignment. Once adjusted, it will retain its precision, allowing the polar alignment scope to be removed and re-inserted as needed. Please see this link for additional information.

Note: This adapter is not needed for the Mach1GTO mounts shipped beginning in 2014 (serial number M10670 or later).

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Counterweight Shaft Options

The Mach1GTO was designed for portability and versatility. With that in mind we offer Mach1GTO owners this 9.675" x 1.875" diameter Counterweight Shaft (M1053-A). It has a usable length of 9.625" and has a 1.875" diameter to match that of its bigger siblings, the 900 and 1200. If you already own a 900 or 1200 you can use their counterweights - 5, 10 or 18 lb. sizes - with your Mach1GTO if you use this shaft. The shaft requires the use of the M12676 One-Piece Washerless Safety Stop, which must be purchased separately. As an added bonus, this counterweight shaft will also accept the 9" shaft extension (M12675).

This short, but mighty counterweight shaft stores inside the declination axis of the Mach1GTO for the ultimate in portability. The overall length of the shaft is 10.70" which allows it to fit perfectly inside as shown.

We have added a 5/16-18 x 3/4" Socket Head Cap Screw to the end of the shaft to make it easier to remove from the declination axis of your Mach1GTO after stowing it inside for compact transport. Since the shaft doesn't leave much gripping surface on the other end, we added this feature so that your shaft won't end up "stuck" inside the declination axis. Just use the1/4" Hex Key supplied with your mount and turn as shown.

We also have the 13.675" x 1.125" diameter Counterweight Shaft (M8084-A) available if you need one. This is the shaft that came standard with the Mach1GTO. It is designed to use our 6 lb., and 9 lb. and 14 lb. counterweights. It requires the Machined Safety Stop Knob.

For more details, or to purchase any of these counterweight shafts or counterweight safety pieces, click here to go to our Counterweight Shafts Options Page.

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Machined Safety Stop Knob (MSSKB)

You’ve asked for it…now we’ve got it!

The Mach1GTO’s counterweight shaft is now “dressed up” with a one-piece safety stop.  No more fender washer and plastic knob.  We’re talking “Uptown” with a finely machined, anodized safety stop that provides safety for you and beauty for your mount.

Take the Mach1 to your next star party and feel “Dressed to the Nines”!

This safety stop is included with all Mach1GTOs shipped December 2015 or later.

This Safety Stop also fits the 1.125” Counterweight Shafts of all 400, 600 and 800 mounts.  It is a one piece assembly with a 5/16-18 thread.

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5 lb. Counterweight for 1.875" diameter Counterweight Shafts (5SCWT)

Because the Mach1GTO will be used with lighter loads than the 900 and 1200 series mounts, we decided to make a lighter counterweight for those of you who choose the 1.875" diameter counterweight shaft. This counterweight is the same diameter as the 10 and 18 lb. weights, but is only 3/4" thick. It also features the press fit bronze sleeve and brass pin to prevent marring of your beautiful counterweight shaft. This counterweight and all of our counterweight selections can be found here on our mount accessories page.

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Pier/Tripod Control Box Adapter (CBAPT)

This adapter can be used with any GTOCP4, GTOCP3 and GTOCP2 Control box.

Mach1GTO :
This control box adapter been shipped with all Mach1GTO mounts after April 15, 2007. It was not provided with the first production run of this mount, however can be purchased as an upgrade. Note that if you purchase the GTOCP4, you will need this adapter.

400GTO, 600EGTO:
This adapter can be used in place of the fabric pouch originally provided with your GTOCP3 or GTOCP2. If you upgrade to the GT0CP4, this is the preferred method for securing the control box. It will not fit into the original fabric pouch.

900GTO and 1200GTO: If you plan to purchase the GTOCP4 and attach it to the side of your pier, rather than the R.A. axis, this is the adapter that you will need.

The Control Box Adapter features thumb screws on one end and a dovetail on the other to fit the dovetail grooves on your control box. The adapter can be mounted from four different attachment points including the top one which angles the control box out a bit to clear legs or struts. The adapter also can be mounted with either end up or down if a particular orientation works better for your situation. A full assortment of fasteners is provided for the various mounting applications. See our Guidelines for Using 6" Trays and the Control Box Adapter for more information.

If you find that parts of your pier or tripod interfere with the placement of this adapter, you may wish to consider our Q6280KIT, which features a
1.8" (46mm) extension.

CBAPT on 6" Eagle with GTOCP3 attached
This Pier/Tripod Control Box Adapter (CBAPT) can be used with the GTOCP4, GTOCP3 and GTOCP2 control boxes when they are mounted on the side of a pier or tripod.

It might be possible to use it with OEM mounts that use our GTO Servo Drive System depending on the pier configuration. Please refer to this link for additional information.

Mounts used with this adapter: Mach1GTO, 400GTO, 600EGTO, 900GTO and 1200GTO

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Extension for Pier/Tripod Control Box Adapter (Q6280KIT)

Mach1GTO, 600EGTO and 400GTO
Berlebach Tripod owners rejoice!  This new Control Box Adapter Extension will allow the Pier/Tripod Control Box Adapter (CBAPT) to be directly attached to the Berlebach tripod…the tripod legs’ locking levers will not interfere. This simple, but vital adapter will also allow control box attachment when upscaling to 8” ATS or custom piers when imaging.  

900GTO and 1200GTO
You may find this handy if you are using the Pier/Tripod Control Box Adapter (CBAPT) to attach your GTOCP4 to the side of your pier.

Effective length of extension: approximately 1.8" (46mm)

Includes the following fasteners: one 5/16-18 x 5/8” BHCS and one 5/16 ID x 9/16 OD washer


Note: The Q6280KIT in the photo at left is shown as silver for easy identification in its mounted position. It is anodized black as a finished product (see above left).

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24" Servo Extension Cable for mounting your GTOCP3 in lower positions (CABGTO24)

Mach1GTO owners who wish to use one of our Control Box Adapters (CBAPT) in a lower position on the 6" EAGLE Adjustable Folding Pier will need this Servo Cable Extension. It will allow the full use of all the EAGLE's control box mounting positions and may also come in handy for certain custom installations to keep the control box out of harm's way. For more information or to order this item click this link!

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