**** Important Note on the Virtual Port Installation *****

Occasionally, users have had difficulty setting up their Virtual Ports that we think may be linked to disturbing the installation process when the virtual port driver is installed. Please read and heed this warning.

Near the end of the software installation process, a black DOS-style Command window will open. DO NOT interfere with this command window! Don't touch anything on your computer, including the mouse or keyboard while this window is up. Doing so may cause a failure of the virtual port system. Please be patient!

Remember to download and read the full Installation and Getting Started Quick Guide for your appropriate version, if you have not already done so. It contains a great deal of useful information to make your life easier.

Now you are ready to download APCC:
APCC Standard (open link in new tab to download software)
APCC Pro (open link in new tab to download software)

Refer to the APCC Installation and Getting Started Quick Guide that you have downloaded.

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