Upgrade GTOCP1, GTOCP2 and GTOCP3 Control Box Firmware

Keypad Controller and GTO Control Box Functions
Your GTO mount has two brains that work together - the firmware housed in the GTO control box and the firmware residing in the keypad controller. We encourage you to review the information regarding the function and interplay of the ROM chip in the GTO Control Box and the keypad EEPROM to better understand your system.

GTOCP3 Control Box
The GTOCP3 control box was released in 2004. It looks very much like the GTOCP2 version, however the internal components are quite different. Check the silk-screen (or engraved) wording on the front panel to determine which version you have. The logic chip in the GTOCP3 control box cannot be installed into previous CP1 and CP2 control boxes. All keypad firmware upgrades can be accomplished with the GTOCP3 control box.

The GTOCP3 control box can be used with all prior GTO mounts, if desired. You may wish to replace your GTOCP1 or GTOCP2 in order to use the more advanced features available in the GTOCP3, including the ability to use the Astro-Physics Command Center (APCC) software. However, if you want the most recent control box, you may wish to upgrade to the GTOCP4, which is also backward compatible with earlier versions.

Please refer to the information at this link regarding the features of the GTOCP3.

Revisions to ROM Chip of GTOCP3 Control Box
Version "V" Firmware Upgrade for the GTOCP3 - Required for Astro-Physics Command Center (APCC)
Installing New ROM Chip into Servo Control - Model GTOCP3

Servo Control Box Firmware - GTOCP1 and GTOCP2
Why upgrade chip version?: If you wish to upgrade the firmware of your Astro-Physics GTO Keypad, your servo control box must have a ROM chip dated January 22, 2001 or later. This ROM chip will enable you to complete the flash update process and utilize all the features of this version. The new chip is also required to enable the park function in version 5.00.012 (or above) of TheSky software by Software Bisque. If you plan to use PulseGuide by Ray Gralak of Sirius-Imaging, you will need a chip dated May 7, 2001 or later (marked "D" or "KD"). If you were a beta tester, the date on your chip will be April 5, 2001 or later. The chip must be marked "D" or "KD".

To determine if an upgrade is needed, remove the cover of the GTOCP1 or GTOCP2 control box and look for a label on one of the large square chips. If the label is dated prior to January 22, 2001 or there is no label at all, you will need to upgrade.

How do I upgrade chip version? Upgrades to the logic of the GTOCP1 or GTOCP2 control boxes must be made by installing a new ROM chip. Since the chip is housed in a removable carrier, the old one can be popped out easily and the new one eased into place. Note, the GTOCP1 measures approximately 6"x4.5"x3" and the GTOCP2 measures approximately 5"x5"x1". Please choose the appropriate installation instruction below.

We decided that we cannot allow Internet updates to this chip because the software could be pirated potentially by unfriendly and unauthorized people. We have worked too hard on its development to give it away. We hope you understand. If you do need a new chip in the future, the cost will be reasonable.

Revisions to ROM chip of GTOCP1 and GTOCP2 Control Boxes - (07-07-06) PDF document
Ordering a New Chip for Your GTOCP1 or GTOCP2 Control Box

* Installing New ROM Chip into Servo Control Box - Model GTOCP1
* Installing New ROM Chip into Servo Control Box - Model GTOCP2

These documents are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher.



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