GTOCP4 Software ** Previous Version

This webpate links to the an earlier version of the GTOCP4 software: P01-14. If you are seeking the most recent software, click on this link.

Version P01-14 is only available to install via Ethernet.

Download Program Package to Your PC
NOTE: The program package is a zip file located in a protected area of our website. To download the package, you will need the username and password that was provided in the cover letter that came with your mount's original documentation. If you do not have this information, please contact Astro-Physics, either by telephone (see below) or email addressed to support at Please provide us with your mount and/or serial number of your GTOCP4 when you contact us. The program package contains the following:

Click on the link below to start the download process. Enter the username and password when prompted to do so. Save the zip file to a convenient place. If you are using the USB/Serial Utility, you do not need to unzip the file.

VCP4-P01-14 Full Package

Upload Software to Your Control Box

Follow the instructions for your Ethernet connection. Here is a link to the PDF documents so that you can download and print them for review before you begin the process.

For Ethernet: Field_CP4_Download-browser.pdf document (included in the Full Package download). Please note that the download instructions for the GTOCP4.

GTOCP4 Manual
Please compare the current GTOCP4 manual to your present manual to be sure that you have the latest. It is linked here for your convenience and is not required for the software update. This is a PDF document that requires Adobe Acrobat or another PDF reader to view it.

Version History and Bug Fixes
Version History and List of Known Bug Fixes (PDF)


Please click the button to get the latest version of Acrobat Reader.

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