Pinion Blocks of 2.7" and Traveler Focusers

Focusers with these pinion blocks (our parts # A1034-A to A1034-F)
can be updated with the Feather Touch Micro assembly for 2.7" and Traveler focusers.
These pinion blocks can be found on scopes shipped after July 1, 2001

Pinion Block (our part # A1034) of Travelers shipped between
March - May 2001
If this hole pattern matches your Traveler pinion block,
please call Astro-Physics for special instructions regarding the upgrade of your focuser
to the Feather Touch Micro 9:1 Dual-Speed. You will need to send us your pinion block assembly.
Three Travelers were shipped between July - September 2001.
We are not sure which pinion block was assembled on these three scopes.

Previous version pinion blocks (both our part # A1004) that cannot be updated.